Why Are Women Still Taking Their Husbands’ Last Names?

I’ve always wondered why children take their father’s last names and I’ve heard the standard crap about the sperm being the decider of the sex which I guess means the child must take the father’s last name? Scientifically, that is absolutely correct, because sperm has the X and Y chromosomes and the egg only has […]


a poem by lindi babyink The space between no longer and not yet is a horrid suspense It does not look as graceful and does not feel as glorious It tricks you into the anticipation of a big reveal where a magnificent halo shines in the backdrop and an angelic tune paves the dust beneath […]

What I Wish I Had Known Before University

As a person from a black household, my parents were sure to greatly emphasize the importance of choosing a career that would give me the greatest chances of finding a high paying job. While I can understand where they were coming from, because we live in a capitalist society – it’s necessary to secure that […]

Dating An Older Guy And Everything In Between

We’ve all heard the term – sugar baby and for the longest time it’s been associated with negative connotations and surface level storytelling. We interviewed Red (not her real name) and talked with her about her experience of dating an older guy and being a sugar baby – all the good, the bad and the […]